Residential and commercial colour consultation services. Vancouver BC

To me colour is not merely a decorative medium. It is the element that transforms an architectural surface.


My career as an Architectural Colour Consultant has now entered its second decade, but in one way, shape or form, I have spent my entire life working with colour. I studied fine arts, but soon realized I longed for a three dimensional surface to explore.

I then enrolled in Studio 58, the theatre training program at Langara College. My main focus was on set design (which gave me an understanding of how things change going from 2 to 3 dimensions) and scenic painting. What a life changing experience! I didn’t learn just the practical skills of a set designer. I learned how to listen, really listen, and how to collaborate. This diverse program also provided me with communication and presentation skills that I use to this day.

I put myself through school working as a colour consultant/painter and continued to do so after graduating. As a result, I have a considerable understanding of the technical side of painting.

I spent five years as the in-house colour consultant for a local Farrow & Ball stockist, then ventured out on my own with K Colour.

Over the years I have been featured in The Vancouver Sun and also wrote a series of articles for them on colour. I have been interviewed for articles on colour by Western Living magazine and have been featured in Western Living Condo magazine in their Ask The Expert column. I have also been interviewed by, and written articles for, BC Home & Garden magazine.

While I draw upon skills acquired from the theatre and fine arts, the truth is that my approach to colour is highly intuitive. I know what’s current, but have no real interest in following the pack. Colour is an experience that is unique to each individual. I see my role as that of a guide. There to help lead my clients to the combination of colours that will bring joy and harmony into their lives.