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It's nice to have fans of your work!


Kora did an excellent job facilitating the process to update the exterior colour scheme in our strata complex. Her attention to detail and passion about colour are evident in her vision and colour choices for presentation to owners. She was a pleasure to work with.

Strata president; Spyglass Hill


Can one colour consultant make a decisive difference to a paint project? As a strata council member, I truly have to say - yes! Kora puts a laser beam on what counts. As a strata, we stumbled in developing our first consultant's role. Our first paint vote failed. So when, after much search, we selected Kora as our new consultant, we had a council and owners with fences to mend. By the time Kora's communication strategy had been put to work and the colour design came to a vote, those challenges had been met. In a packed meeting room representing a strata of almost 200 owners, the verdict of the new vote had all sides smiling alike: "The colour resolution is approved. The vote is unanimous".

Today, we know the outstanding difference Kora's combination of candid colour acumen and public communication skills can make. From exhibit details and town hall exchanges to creative architectural colour design, Kora brings a versatility that is an extraordinary bargain all in one seasoned package. But don't take my word for it. Meet with Kora. I'm betting you'll see the difference too - perhaps quicker than we did.

Painting committee head, strata committe member; The Springs at Langara

We purchased a lovely Vancouver heritage home, built in 1896, that was in desperate need of an exterior paint job.  The paint was peeling and the baby blue colour, while often described as "cute" and "cottage-like" failed to honour the workmanship and intricate detail of the home, and did not mesh well with its heritage roots.  We didn't know where to begin in terms of choosing colours that would accentuate the beautiful details of the house.  We were lucky to find Kora - we had attended a seminar on heritage colours, and had a few ideas, but nothing concrete.  When Kora came for our consultation, it was clear that we were in good hands.  Kora enthusiastically and patiently guided us through the process of both understanding the significance and effect of colour, and the selection of an appropriate and pleasing palette of four colours that we both absolutely love and which pay tribute to the building's history.  Kora regularly visited the site during painting and continued to offer suggestions and ideas throughout the painting that would really accentuate the curb appeal.  The final product is an exterior that looks great - it is amazing the number of comments we have received from both neighbours and passers-by as to how lovely the house looks.  Kora, thank you for your efforts and dedication to our heritage home!  We look forward to working with you in the future to tackle the interior colours!

Owners of the Bloomfield Studio

Heritage "A" Designation, City of Vancouver

Dulux exterior colour palette

From the outset of her involvement at our housing co-operative, Kora was a great match. She understood that our architecturally unique co-op called out for a unique approach to our new exterior colours. She presented a selection of integrated colour schemes to the membership, going above and beyond to tweak selections based on member feedback. Attended member meetings to explain her process and selections, and was accessible and hands-on throughout the process. She also took into account warranty, durability, and maintenance issues connected to our colours. We would heartily recommend Kora Sevier to help sort through the multitude of colours in the world to find the right palette for any project. 

Painting committee; Lakewood Terrace Co-Op

Over the past few years our strata has done some significant renovations including repainting our exterior and redecorating our interior common areas.

Our strata committee consulted with Kora at each stage of the work. She helped us choose colours for both the exterior and interior of our building, as well as new interior hallway carpeting and lighting fixtures. At each stage she suggested suppliers and good quality options and helped us stay within our budget.

We remain very happy with her recommendations. With her guidance we chose colours for the exterior that are sophisticated but warm, and that work well with the style of our building. While the exterior colours are fairly subdued, we wanted bolder colours for the interior in order to bring some life into what had been very dull hallways. Together we chose contemporary neutrals for the carpeting and walls, but different complementary bright colours for the individual unit doors. Kora recommended very good painters and worked closely with them through to the completion of our project.I would recommend Kora's services without hesitation. She is friendly and professional and did an excellent job for us!

Strata President; Yorkville Mews

Heritage house colours

Thank goodness for Kora. Selecting the wrong exterior house colours can be a very expensive and long enduring mistake. Kora guided our journey through heritage colour choices and provided the foundation of drawings, photographs and detailed designation of seven colours to dazzle City Hall and ease approval for our plan. Acting as project co-ordinator, Kora was a liaison with the painting crew and made effective changes as the painting progressed on our detailed Queen Anne cottage. Proof of success was the winning of a special Royal City Builder’s Award for the exterior paint job.

Owners; Falding House, designated heritage house New Westminster

Corporate colours

Kora came highly recommended to us by one of our staff members who successfully used her services for their residential space. Kora was able to provide strong design and color choice expertise within the parameters and considerations of being in a commercial space. Kora was highly responsive throughout the design process and had a genuine approach in her work. She shared her knowledge along the way and was able to educate and course correct to ensure the best design and color choices were made. The end result was a modern but still classic space that will undoubtedly carry us forward for many years.

Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research

Our family of five moved from a heritage community to a beach environment. It was a big change for us, full of exciting possibilities. Kora was able to interpret my vision for a clean, light filled and calming home in the most beautiful of ways.  Three years later we have not changed a single thing and still love the way our home feels.  For my husband’s IT company, Kora created the colour schemes of both their Vancouver and Victoria offices. I have recommended  Kora to many friends who have experienced first hand her wonderful skills as a colourist.

I’ve had the benefit of Kora’s consultation several times now.  What  keeps me coming back is her skill in choosing colours that reflect what she has taken the time to learn about me and how I use and interact with my space.  As well, Kora is always certain of her choices, which I find reassuring and which frees me from any uncertainty or ambiguity and makes the process much easier.  I am always amazed by how her suggestions transform and improve my home.

Farrow Ball India Yellow

With the able guidance of Kora Sevier, our home was transformed by the introduction of Farrow & Ball paint colours.  Kora not only exposed us to the many possibilities for each room, but cleverly directed us to discover that there was a perfect colour in each case.  The consultation process was both informative and enjoyable, and the results continue to give us and our guests much pleasure.  We have already enthusiastically recommended her to a number of our friends.

Farrow Ball Tanner's Brown

An engaging intelligence, innovative thinking and tenacious attention to detail are the hallmarks of Kora’s style. Every project with her is an adventure.  The final result will be far better than anything you might have conceived of yourself.

Pratt Lambert Heather Dusk

Kora has helped me numerous times over the years with both my home and business decorating.  I’ve appreciated her in-depth knowledge and understanding of colour and design.  She takes a collaborative approach and we worked together closely to make choices that I continue to enjoy. Kora has helped me numerous times over the years with both my home and business decorating.

Benjamin Moore Tempest

Kora helped me see that darker colours could be cozy and more comforting than depressing. It takes a leap of faith to surround oneself with colours that seems so far out of one’s comfort zone. But I did it and I love it. Kora showed me that several related colours could give me variety without looking like a patchwork quilt. That a coloured ceiling could be soothing without enclosing the space. Baseboards and crown moulding are now the same as the wall colour in each room. This means I can see the interesting architectural detail without bright white lines disrupting the view and my walls look taller. My home is fresher and cozier than I had imagined it could be. I learned another important thing. After choosing the colours with Kora I went to the paint store and bought those tiny pots of paint and tried them. They looked awful. It wasn’t until all the walls were completely painted that I could see the impact it created. Like I said, it takes a leap of faith.