Residential and commercial colour consultation services. Vancouver BC

Building a new home is a massive undertaking with thousands of decisions to be made.


With the help of a professional collaborator to assist you those thousands of decisions will become a lot less nerve wracking to make.

One of the first major decisions to be made with the exterior is window colour. I encourage clients to think carefully about white windows, though used in many homes they are not always the best choice. Stone is popular right now but often used in the wrong way, you don’t want stone to dominate the house, nor do you want to use it in a way that will soon make the house look dated. An exterior requires the correct balance of materials in order to create a home that is harmonious and timeless. Aside from paint colour other important colour decisions will have to be made regarding the roof, gutters and down pipes.

For the interior I will assist you with decisions regarding flooring, cabinetry, countertops, backsplashes, tile and of course paint colours.

New home builders who are building on spec can also benefit greatly from working with a colour consultant. The homes you build are a reflection of your business, you’ll want to avoid the pitfalls of common colour mistakes to show your home in it’s best light and also create interest.