Residential and commercial colour consultation services. Vancouver BC

I’m there to encourage you when you’re on the right track or pull you back from the edge of common colour mistakes.

Benjamin Moore Cool Breeze

I’m a collaborator, as such my first role is to listen.

My understanding of the creative process frees you to move within it and avoid the pitfalls of indecision and second guessing. As one client put it to me, “you opened a door and I walked through it.”

Colour can conceal or reveal. It can create a mood, it can relax or excite.

Colour choices don’t have to be “colourful”, but even neutrals require thoughtfulness and planning to be at their most interesting.

Colour is about the architecture of your home. Doing justice to its high points and smoothing over its short comings to create a sense of balance and well being.

Residential colour consultations typically take place at your home. I bring with me individual colour samples from the brand of paint that is to be used. It is a collaborative process where we work together to come up with a palette that is harmonious and brings a smile to your face. Consultations are charged on an hourly basis.